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We specialize in creating high-quality video content for businesses and companies, tailored for social media platforms.
In an increasingly digital world, telling captivating stories is more important than ever. At DELIRIO Productions, we excel in the art of storytelling, helping your brand stand out in a crowded online environment.

Video is the most engaging and dynamic medium to convey your brand's story. Our team is committed to producing videos that not only capture attention but also motivate your audience to take action. We take creativity seriously, aiming to leave a lasting impression long after the videos are viewed.
Our clients trust us to deliver innovative and superior quality content, ensuring an exceptional return on investment. We challenge preconceived notions about video production, working within budgets to deliver professional and high-level results.
Our Services Include:
- Explanatory videos and tutorials.
- Videos for social media (short, medium, and long).
- Corporate videos.
- Video interviews.
- Product reviews.
- Behind-the-scenes videos.
- Creative, promotional, and informational videos.
Choosing DELIRIO Productions means collaborating with a team that maximizes every dollar of your budget, ensuring your talent shines on camera, regardless of their previous experience. We plan and execute both complex and simple productions to bring your vision to life.
Some of Our Clients
Who We Work For:

- Corporate enterprises and large entities.
- Small and medium-sized businesses.
- In-house teams.
Our Products:

- Video tutorials.
- Videos for social media.
- Videos for websites.
- Corporate videos.
- Video interviews.
- Video reviews.
- Behind-the-scenes videos.
- Custom-made videos: creative, promotional, or informational.
Founded in Miami Beach by director and producer Jeffrey Puente García and editor and producer Sergio Valens, 
DELIRIO Productions is here to transform your vision into visual reality.
Contact us today for a consultation and start telling your story in the most impactful way!
Sergio Valens
Sergio Valenzuela began working in the media at the age of 12, in 1986, when he was offered to host a weekly radio show for teenagers on Radio Nacional Comodoro Rivadavia LRA 11. It was there when he started using Sergio Valens as his stage name. Throughout the years he worked on different FM radio stations in the cities of Comodoro Rivadavia and Rada Tilly in the province of Chubut, in the Argentine Patagonia.
In 2002 he moved to the United States where he becomes interested in audiovisual communication. He starts learning editing and later on he directs and edits commercial videos and other audiovisual productions that were published on the internet for different companies in Key West, Florida where he spent most of his time in this country, he directed and edited several music videos for local artists and also for artist from Los Angeles, California where he also resided for some years.
In 2013, in a collaboration with Cuban filmmaker Jeffrey Puente Garcia they create wwww.vocesdecuba.com a project that intends to rescue part of the recent history of Cuba, through monthly interviews with victims of the Castro regime. Some of the interviews have been broadcasted on local TV stations, such as America Teve on "El Espejo" hosted by Juan Manuel Cao, Pedro Sevcec’s “A Fondo", on Radio Televisión Martí and on international stations such as NTN 24 in Colombia.
One of the photographs taken by Sergio Valens for the promotion of the interview with the Cuban dissident Sirley Ávila León was one of the two pictures selected to be the face of the 2016 billboard campaign #CommunismKills launched by Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, a non-profit educational and human rights organization based in Washington D.C. The image was displayed for several months in New York City’s Times Square to raise awareness about the still existing dangers of communism around the world.
Sergio Valens' Video Reel
Jeffrey Puente García
Jeffrey Puente García was born in Havana, Cuba. In 1994 he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Drama at the Escuela Nacional de Teatro de Cuba, in 2007 he got a Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking (Director) at ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte) also in Havana. In Cuba he shot three documentaries: "25KMS", "72HRS" and "PARA SUBIR AL CIELO" that received multiple awards and recognitions in the island, latin america, USA and Europe. While in Mexico he attended the workshop "Filmar lo inefable" presented by polish director Krzysztof Zanussi and Oscar nominated polish documentary filmmaker Hanna Polak. In 2013 he co created the project www.vocesdecuba.com with Sergio Valens.
Newspaper article about Jeffrey Puente García and his work published in Miami's paper 'El Nuevo Herald' and written by cuban-french writer William Navarrete.​​​​​​​
Interview to director Jeffrey Puente García about his short documentary "72 Hrs" in Miami's TV show "La Mirada Indiscreta"
Interview to Jeffrey Puente García about his documentary "Para Subir al Cielo" in the TV show "La Mirada Indiscreta" hosted by film critic Alejandro Ríos in Miami's TV.
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