In 2012 Sergio Valens created a project with awarded cuban documentary maker Jeffrey Puente García. The idea was to rescue the testimonies of victims of cuban’s communist regime for future generations. That’s how “Voces de Cuba” was born. The monthly show currently has thousands of views all around the world through the official websiteYouTubeVimeo and the videopodcast, great reviews and it was also broadcasted by local and international TV stations like America Teve, TV Marti, NTN24, etc. in several occasions.
Stills from "Voces de Cuba" Project by Sergio Valens
"Voces de Cuba" in the media
July 2014 - "Sevcec a Fondo" América Tevé Channel 41- Miami
July 2014 - "La Noche" NTN24 Colombia
December 2015 - "El Espejo"hosted by Juan Manuel Cao América Tevé Channel 41 - Miami
June 2016 - "Diario de Cuba" (Cuban news website)
February 2016 - Diario Las Américas (Newspaper -Miami)
June  2016 - The Daily Signal (News website)
2015 - "El Blog de Montaner" - Writer and journalist Carlos Alberto Montaner's official blog
2014 - "La Mirada Indiscreta" hosted by Alejandro Ríos - América Tevé 
Channel 41 Miami
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