We kicked off 2024 collaborating with "Body & Soul Salon and MedSpa," one of the most exclusive wellness oases in Coral Gables, Miami. Our goal was clear: to showcase the wide range of exceptional services the company offers through dynamic and engaging audiovisual content. From celebrating the arrival of spring to enjoying special moments like St. Patrick's Day and Mother's Day, our content captures the essence of treating oneself to relaxation and rejuvenation.
Each piece was designed to attract both current and potential clients, inviting them to experience everything from relaxing therapies to rejuvenating massages, all expertly managed under the skilled direction of Maydelin Govea.
Discover how Body & Soul MedSpa can transform your daily routine into a wellness retreat, perfect for any occasion, by clicking PLAY on the players below to view the content.
We ended 2023 working in growning the online presence of "Body & Soul Salon and MedSpa" from Coral Gables. For them we created different types of graphic and audiovisual content that are achieving the initial goal of attracting attention and gaining more followers, showing the brand as young, active, glamorous but common and sensitive.
Once again we collaborated with The LIBRE Institute, this time creating audiovisual content to promote the radio show “Comunidad LIBRE” (LIBRE Community) hosted by the writer Janisset Rivero on La Poderosa 670 AM radio. This time we created audio snippets selecting the most interesting passages from each show broadcast to share them with the Latino community in the United States.
We also focus on strengthening the presence on TikTok and YouTube of the "Voces de Cuba" project, considerably increasing the number of followers and also the number of views by offering fragments of the productions we have made so far in the form of YouTube Short and TikToks.
Promotion of Janisset Rivero's novel Letters to Pedro's launch event in New Jersey.
On Saturday, April 22, 2023, the novel "Cartas Pedro" by the author Janisset Rivero was launched at the West New York Public Library, presented by Dr. Enrique del Risco. 
To promote this event on Social Media, we designed the following flyers that were published in advance of the presentation.
Event "Solutions with LIBRE: The Dignity bill and the crisis on the border"
In April 2022, the "Solutions with LIBRE" event was held with the participation of Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar, LIBRE's President Daniel Garza and LIBRE's Director of Public Affairs; Cesar Grajales hosting the occasion. 
We had the opportunity to record the entire event in images and create video clips to share the most interesting moments of this event on social networks.
Event "The Future of Freedom in the Americas"
In February 2022, in addition to filming the entire event organized by The LIBRE Institute, we made video clips with the most interesting passages to share on social networks.
Content for IG, TikTok, FB, etc.

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